Monday, February 20, 2012

1015 W Irisado Cir

front view 1 (that pic was taken quite a while ago)

front view 2 - taken today


foyer view 2 - that's the master bedroom to the right when you walk in the door, split from other 3

master bedroom view 1 - the room is huge

master bedroom view 2

master bathroom vanity - sorry, was afraid to open the door for the toilet and shower but that's the door on the left

living room is to the left of the foyer when you walk in the front door

living room view 2, it's a great size

living room view 3 - that's the entry to the kitchen through that doorway

kitchen view 1

kitchen view 2

kitchen view 3 - all the appliances look fine, the linoleum is a bit old.

formal dining off the kitchen, it's huge

formal dining view 2 - there's no eat-in area in the kitchen, just this formal space

guest bath

secondary bedroom #1 - it's big

secondary bedroom #2 - it's big as well

hallway to the bathrooms - that black plastic garbage bag is hanging over the entry to the formal dining room. apparently if left uncovered there's a glare on their tv in the living room.

patio, on the left is the arcadia door that comes out from the formal dining room

extended uncovered patio

small grassy area

the pool is large, and very nice

**all in all, the house seems to be great for the price. it's very dirty though. the guy that rents the place has 3 other male roommates and they're all filthy. i couldn't get into the 3rd secondary bedroom. i guess that roomie is out of town and locks his door when he's gone. the floorplan is fine, and the house seems to be in okay shape. it's in an alright area. for 107k (in this crazy market right now) i think you're ahead of the game here.

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